The oldest English sporting competitions that still exist today
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Check out our article about the oldest sporting competitions that still exist today in England.

Here in the UK, we’re privileged to be able to host some of the prestigious sporting competitions that are well-known across the world.

Many of these events have stood the test of time and have been captivating sports fans for generations. Here at Spaceworks Furniture Hire, we thought we’d have a poll of our most popular ones and come up with our list of favourites!

FA Cup – Dating back to 1871, the FA Cup is the oldest football competition in the world and, in a world of other domestic and European competitions in the football world, continues to offer romance and history. Ask any footballer what they want to achieve in their career, and you can rest assured that playing in an FA Cup Final will be high on their bucket list!

The Boat Race – Held on the River Thames since 1829, the Boat Race has pitted the rowing crews from Oxford and Cambridge Universities for all these years. It has become a symbol of sporting excellence which is watched around the world, embracing all the traditions, pomp and ceremony of UK life!

Henley Royal Regatta – Established back in 1839, the Henley Royal Regatta is held on the River Thames to the West of London, and is rowing’s show-piece. It draws large crowds to the banks of the Thames each year and combines a gorgeous, picturesque setting with fierce rivalry.

Wimbledon – The oldest tennis tournament in the world has been captivating audiences since 1877. Played on grass, it provides one of the sternest tests for professional tennis players from around the world and, for spectators, offers a unique visitor experience.

The Grand National – Dating back to 1839, this steeplechase is one of the most challenging horse races in the world, and is held annually at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool. As far as sporting competitions in England go, it is up there with the best!

So, you can see that the best sporting competitions in England have lasted the test of time, and sports fans around the country can enjoy their favourite events year after year. We’re also blessed with TV production companies who bring fantastic coverage of these events directly into our front rooms, so don’t worry, if you can’t get a ticket, you can always enjoy it on the TV!