Dance Floors

Temporary dance floors are an integral part of any major hospitality event, and you can hire dance floors in the style and size you need right here at Spaceworks.  Our temporary dance floors come in manageable-sized panels which simply slot together without the need for screws or tools.  They need to be laid on a hard, flat surface, and also come supplied with gently-sloping aluminium trim that runs around the perimeter of the dance floor, making it accessible for all.  It’s often easier to simply let our team know the style of dance floor you need and the space that you want the dance floor to cover, and they will calculate the number of panels you need.  Rest assured that whatever the occasion, our team will be able to assist.

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Everyone loves a boogie at a corporate party or evening hospitality occasion, and the team here at Spaceworks bring you a selection of temporary dance floors which you can customise to suit your specific requirements.

Of course, certain event venues will already have their own dance floor, though nothing can match the versatility of our portable dance floors for events.  You can choose from a number of different colour options, all of which come in small, interlocking panels, enabling you to create the size of dance floor you need.

Dance floor hire for parties & hospitality events

And talking about dance floor sizes, what is it that determines the size and configuration you need?  Well, there are two determining factors – the available space and the number of guests you are expecting.

You can generally work on the premise that maybe 1 in 5 guests at your event will be on the dance floor at any one time, and so you need to bear this in mind.  In regard to space, no one has unlimited space for a dance floor, just as no one has an unlimited budget, and so map out your entire event space in detail to work out just how much space you can dedicate to a dance floor, when everything else has been taken into consideration.  Once you have done all this, it’s time to calculate how many dance floor panels you will need to create the dance floor you want.

This is perhaps where our team will be able to assist – simply let us know the area you want to cover and which dance floor panel design you want, and let us do the calculations for you!  At the same time, we’ll create a customised quotation for you, based on your specific event requirements.

Dance floors & other furniture hire for events

You might also want to consider hiring poseur tables and stools, for example, that you can dot around the edge of your dance floor, so that your guests can enjoy a welcome time-out from cutting their shapes on the dance floor!  Don’t hesitate to check out these ranges of furniture that are also available here online at Spaceworks.

Our team is here to provide you with a seamless experience from start to finish when it comes to event furniture and more for large events and occasions.  Why not take a few moments to browse our range of equipment hire today and get in contact with your specific event requirements – we will be delighted to work with you on your upcoming event or occasion, and very much look forward to speaking with you soon.