What furniture hire items do I use for a modern look?
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Today's article looks at what furniture hire to consider when it comes to choosing for modern events.

There is no doubt that the pressure will be on when it comes to styling the various areas at your major event, especially the hospitality areas.

Some people might think that you just need huge volumes of the same items of furniture. However, they’d be wrong, with the best event stylists dressing and theming different hospitality chalets, restaurants, Champagne bars and other zones in very different ways.

As a result, there’s always a demand for a mix of both classic and contemporary style furniture hire. In this article, we’re investigating which furniture items could you use to achieve a modern look at your big event, and the elements to look for when deciding which will, ultimately, save you some time and effort.

Consider the material

Furniture hire for events used to be all about fabric upholstered items, and there is still a requirement for these. However, the market has moved on, and so you can now hire furniture in all different types of materials including fabric, faux leather, velour and others. In our opinion, faux leather and velour both provide a more modern finish, whether it’s velour bar stools with gold legs, velour sofas, or faux leather stools and dining chairs. There is a world of choice out there, so go and hire what you need!

Colours are great

A great way to achieve a modern look with furniture is through the use of coloured furniture. There’s no doubt that black and white used to be the go-to option, and it’s still very popular today. However, you can now source furniture in all different colours – check out our Chesterfield fabric sofas in purple and lime green, as examples, or our Rio chairs in purple, burnt orange, blue or red, and our Picasso dining chairs in a variety of gold and zebra patterns – the world is your oyster!

The frame finish

When we talk about the frame finish, we are referring to the legs of a chair, the legs of a table, and other similar items. Typically, polished chrome framed items of furniture have typified modern and contemporary styling, though other, more unusual, types of frames are now in-vogue. A great example of this is our scaffold range, which includes the dining table, coffee table and scaffold high table. These used reclaimed scaffolding poles as legs, and treated and varnished scaffold timber for the table tops. Again, differing from the norm can also contribute to a more modern finish.

Textured materials offer something different

We’ve already spoken about different material finishes, and we’d add to that the fact that you can now also get textured finishes. It might be a quilted effect on the seat and back of a sofa or bar stool, or wood grain texture on outdoor furniture, for instance. This is a small, yet still valid consideration.

Matching furniture hire is a must!

And last, but by no means least, a modern furniture look will always require matching furniture. There’s no doubt that matching furniture in large quantities looks great, especially when all the above elements are hit!