Don’t forget to hire outdoor furniture for behind-the-scenes
outdoor furniture


Check out what outdoor furniture is available to hire for your behind-the-scenes areas for event production staff.

We’ve all been to big scale events and been WOWED by what we see when it comes to the visitor experience. From corporate dining and entertainment through to the action itself at a sports event, for instance, there is no doubt that the UK live events calendar is jam-packed full of prestigious, iconic events which leave us wanting more.

Behind every successful event, however, there is a whole different world. We’re talking about production offices, media centres and other organiser zones which are the beating heart of the event. From the very outset, the organiser production offices are the focal point for everyone visiting the site, including contractors, H&S inspectors, catering suppliers and everyone else involved in the production of the event.

That’s why, here at Spaceworks, we provide the complete range of office furniture exactly for this reason – so that you can kit out your event production offices in a professional and stylish manner, at affordable rates.

But that’s not all – don’t forget that it shouldn’t be all work and no plan for your organising team, and so remember to also provide them with some break out and relaxation areas. This might be anything from a sun terrace with tables, chairs and other outdoor furniture, through to a lounge with rattan furniture and perhaps a pool table or something else. In other words, somewhere that your team can go for a bit of downtime in the lead up to a busy event. Yes, it might be wishful thinking, of course, but at least the intent is there!

If you need to hire furniture for big events, don’t hesitate to browse our unrivalled product range here online at Spaceworks. We have everything you could possibly need for your event, in the quantities you need and in the quality you need to make your event a success.

Browse and send us a quote request via our website or alternatively, simply give us a call, where one of our account managers will be delighted to chat through your specific event requirements in more detail. Either way, we very much look forward to hearing from you soon.