As well as your indoor hospitality areas, don’t forget your outdoor spaces as well!  Especially for Spring and Summer events, outdoor spaces provide valuable areas for relaxing, networking and socialising.  It might be an area for the tennis or golf players in between matches, an outdoor terrace for dining into the evening or a backstage area at Glastonbury for artists and band members to unwind.  Whatever you need when it comes to outdoor furniture for events, you can rest assured that the team here at Spaceworks can offer you the complete range, all backed up by exemplary customer service.  Whether you need picnic benches in large quantities, patio furniture for the riverside at Henley or outdoor rattan sets for festivals, we have it all!

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A key consideration for any major event organiser is how to use the outdoor space to best effect.  In other words, indoor dining and hospitality is taken as a given as being a key area of focus, but make sure that you don’t overlook or pay lip service to your outdoor areas, especially when it comes to VIP terraces and networking zones – these can be highly valuable spaces at your event.

Choose the best quality outdoor furniture

If you are going to furnish your outdoor spaces professionally, though, it’s imperative that you have access to the best quality outdoor furniture in the quantities you need.  After all, you really don’t want to be using weathered furniture which doesn’t measure up in terms of quality, to reflect the high standards that you have set for your event across all the other areas.

With this in mind, the team at Spaceworks brings you the most comprehensive range of outdoor furniture, in large quantities and in excellent condition, enabling you to furnish your outdoor spaces in the best way possible.

Furniture for iconic events in the quantities you need

This might mean that you need hardwood tables and chairs for outside your hospitality pavilions at a large air show, some Nova patio sets for a VIP terrace outside the main sponsors lounge at a major sports event, outdoor rattan furniture for the side of the river at your rowing regatta, or wooden picnic benches for the large public catering zone at your equestrian event.

Whatever furniture for outdoor events you need, you can count on the team here at Spaceworks to deliver you an outstanding service, nationwide.  We have a wealth of experience in supplying large, prestigious and iconic events, and will welcome the opportunity to work with you on your upcoming event or occasion.