Smart chair hire for sports hospitality events


Today's article looks at the importance of hiring the best quality chairs for major sports hospitality events.

For those people not familiar with the events industry, they might think that ‘a chair is a chair’. That perception, however, could not be further from the truth, as those of us within the furniture hire industry are obviously aware.

Top quality events such as international sporting occasions, large corporate events and other hospitality occasions naturally call for the best quality furniture to rent. Why? Because the quality of the furniture in your hospitality pavilions, chalets or dining areas goes a long way in creating that all-important professional impression that you need to project to your clients, sponsors and VIPs.

OK, so it’s not JUST the furniture that reflects the event, but it does actually contribute to the overall vision that you are trying to create. And world-famous events and their associated sponsoring brands demand nothing less than top quality.

When it comes to chair hire for such events, you can be sure that the team here at Spaceworks are able to deliver on a number of different levels. It used to be that chair hire companies used to offer a particular type of chair to suit a different occasion. For instance, for an outdoor concert, it would be a folding chair. For a wedding, it would be a Chiavari chair. And for a sports hospitality event, it would be a Napoleon chair.

Those simple days, however, are gone, wth clients rightly expecting chair hire styles which are in keeping with their specific type of event and their desired event styling and finish.

That’s why, if you browse the range of chairs for hire here at Spaceworks, yes you will find the traditional classics such as Chiavari chairs and Napoleon chairs in a range of different colour options, but you will also find more modern and contemporary chair hire solutions, providing you with the utlimate in choice when it comes to event chair hire for sports hospitality events.

Why not check out our Picasso chairs which are available in a number of different colour options, as well as our Rio chairs which also provide a choice between fabric options and faux leather. These are just a few of the different event chair rental options that you’ll find here online.

Don’t hesitate to browse our range of chair hire today and choose your quantities, then send us a quote request. One of our team will then come back to you with a customised quote for you, based on your specific event requirements.

We very much look forward to hearing from you soon.