Chairs & Benches

Our range of chairs and benches, quite simply, has something for almost any type of event or occasion.  Our range of banqueting chairs is the most extensive and comprehensive in the industry, offering both classic and modern chair designs in a range of different colour options, enabling you to style your event in the best way possible.  These chairs are also available in large quantities, enabling us to service multiple large-scale events simultaneously.  It’s no surprise that prestigious events call upon our inventory on a regular basis, nationwide, as they know they will be able to choose from the best range, in the best quality, at the best prices, all backed up by exemplary customer service.

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One of the first items of furniture hire on the list of many event professionals up and down the country will be chairs. Almost every single event you can think of will require chair hire for temporary events, whether it is for hospitality lounges at major sporting events, rows of chairs for conferences, gala dinner and award ceremony dining or folding chairs for large outdoor concerts, for instance.

Let’s take a look firstly at banqueting chairs behind the scenes at major sports events, such as golf or tennis events, for instance. As well as the action taking place for spectators, there is a whole world behind the scenes which includes smart dining occasions for sponsors and VIPs, for example. These dining events can take place in large spaces or in smaller corporate chalets, enabling guests to enjoy a sit-down dinner whilst talking business at the same time, and agreeing those all-important deals. Our range of event banqueting chairs here at Spaceworks is second to none in the UK market, providing major event professionals with the most extensive selection, enabling you to create stunning banqueting spaces that will most certainly help to make that all-important professional impression.

Luxury chair hire for prestigious events

Why not check out our Brompton chairs, which provide luxury and style in abundance, or our Rio chairs which are modern in design and with which you can choose the colour and finish of your chair cover. By the same token, our Picasso chairs provide great variety and choice when it comes to the chair covers available, providing you with exceptional choice for your event styling.

Any range of chairs would not be complete without the classic ranges of Chiavari chairs, Napoleon chairs, Calcutta high back banqueting chairs and cross back chairs, all of which are wooden framed chairs where you can choose the colour of your seat pad from our available range. Few chair companies are able to compete with the range and quantity of these banqueting chairs that are available at Spaceworks, and it is important of course to ensure that you receive matching chairs when you are ordering in large quantities – after all, the last thing you want is to have chairs of different colours and styles in your hospitality venue. Only the largest chair hire companies will be able to offer you what you need, when you need it.

Of course, as well as our classic ranges of banqueting chairs, you can also choose from our modern ranges such as our Alaska chairs, Olympus chairs, Web chairs, Tolix chairs and even our transparent Banquo chairs which bring an ultra-modern look to proceedings. These chairs really do complete our banqueting chairs range in the best way possible.

Chair hire for conferences & corporate events

Away from sports hospitality dining, our extensive range of chairs also caters for large corporate conferences and other similar occasions, where large numbers of professionally styled, comfortable chairs are the requirement. ISO chairs are a perfect example of this – modern looking, comfortable and stylish, and available in their thousands. We offer both linking and non-linking variations, according to your requirements.

Linking chairs are ideal for venues where it is vital to maintain straight line rows of chairs, such as at conferences and graduation ceremonies, for example, where there is a large volume of people movement across the day. After all, the last thing you want to be doing during a break-out session for delegates is having to straighten up chairs in your venue. By the same token, you can hire standard ISO chairs which look almost identical, but which don’t link together – whichever suits you and your requirements the best!

Folding chairs in large quantities

It’s also worth mentioning folding chairs – also known as Samsonite chairs in the industry – which are foldable, lightweight, affordable and generally available in large quantities. Perfect for temporary events such as outdoor concerts, festivals and other similar events, you can rest assured that these will do a job for you. Going one step further, we have made large investments into deluxe folding chairs, which take the standard folding chairs market to a new dimension. These deluxe folding chairs are wider, deeper and more robust, providing a more comfortable seating option and, importantly, the seats and backs are perforated, so gone are the days of having to wipe rain water from chairs just before the start of your outdoor event!

Whatever you need when it comes to chair hire for events across the UK, you can be sure that Spaceworks have it all covered. From classic and traditional dining chairs through to modern and contemporary chairs for any occasion, our team is here to provide you with a seamless hire experience from start to finish, so don’t hesitate to browse our range online and get in contact – we’ll be delighted to assist you with your furniture hire requirements at your upcoming event.