Stools are ideal for sports hospitality lounges


Today's blog look at stools for hire for major event hospitality occasions.

When it comes to event dining behind the scenes at major events, you could be excused for thinking that it’s all sit-down, formal meals. And yes, there is certainly a place for that, as sponsors want to treat their guests, VIP and dignitaries to an unforgettable day out, and where a smart dining occasion is an integral part of the day’s experience.

That said, you can still create professional-looking dining spaces but go down a slightly more informal route. We’re not talking completely informal, as your guests will expect a certain level of quality, but we’re talking smart dining zones, where fine wines, canapes and high quality restaurant food is served, but just in a more informal environment.

A great way to achieve this look is by using stools and high tables. Straight away, this provides your guests with a stylish, comfortable and informal area in which they can chat and enjoy the food and wine with their friends, colleagues and clients, relaxing as they go.

Pictured are our Spectre stools, which have a polished chrome frame and black fabric, cushioned upholstery, providing event organisers with a great option when it comes to this type of dining area at sports hospitality events.

Our Spectre stools are similar in style to our Rio stools, which have a slightly high back. As a result, they can both be used together with our Rio high tables, for instance, and others.

For the complete range of stools, high tables and event furniture as a whole in the quantities you need, don’t hesitate to take a look at what we have to offer here at Spaceworks Furniture Hire. Our team is always on hand to provide you with a customised quote based on your specific event requirements.

As you will see, we specialise in sports hospitality furniture hire as well as music and festivals furniture hire for backstage areas. However, we’re happy to speak to you about any type of requirements you may have, so why not get in contact with us today!