The top 5 chairs for hospitality events – REVEALED!


Today, we reveal the top 5 chairs for UK hospitality events!

Have you been looking around a variety of chair hire companies, wondering which chairs are the best for your event? You’ve no doubt found a whole load of options, most of which will fit the bill, so how do you choose which chairs are best suited to your hospitality event?

In today’s article, we reveal the top 5 chairs for sports hospitality occasions!

Rio chairs

If you’re kitting out a sponsor’s lounge or VIP hospitality area, then you’ll be looking for a modern chair, possibly in an unusual colour to tie in with the company logo or branding, for instance. This is where Rio chairs from Spaceworks come into their own, offering a polished chrome frame on which sits a cushioned seat and back. These stackable chairs are available in a variety of different colour options and also finishes which include fabric and faux leather. Event planners have the luxury of being able to choose from colours such as the standard black fabric, through to cappuccino fabric, burnt orange, red, purple, blue and olive green fabrics. And let’s not forget the white and grey faux leather options to complete the set. In short, Rio chairs really do fit the bill for a multitude of different event types.

Chiavari chairs

No article about event chairs would be complete without mentioning the classic Chiavari chair. This has been around for years, and is a real workhorse of the event industry. Why? Because it is classically styled and readily available from multiple places up and down the country. Here at Spaceworks, we offer it in black, natural, gold, limewash and other colours, and you can even choose your seat pad colour from our available range. It is stackable, robust, and a real crowd-pleaser. That’s what makes it #2 in our list.

Cross Back Chairs

Hot on the heels of the Chiavari chair is the cross back chair. A few years ago, it would have been unthinkable for the Chiavari chair not to be in the #1 spot, but like anything else, fashions and tastes change. Weddings = Chiavari chairs. Sports hospitality events call for more modern and contemporary chair styles, and the cross back – which is available in a number of different finishes – is a great example of this. Similar to the chiavari chair, you can choose your seat pad colour, helping you tie in your chairs with your existing event decor and styling.

Brompton chairs

And even with sports hospitality chair hire, there are different tiers required, one of which we will call VVIP. This might be the fine dining restaurant situated on the top floor of the temporary structure, maybe where the chairman of the course invites selected dignitaries and others for a formal lunch during the event. Our Brompton chair – in position #4 – offers a great solution for these areas, bringing you luxury in abundance with its white faux leather upholstery on a polished mahogany frame.

Louis chairs

And last, but no means least, is the Louis chair. These chairs bring a touch of regal elegance to proceedings, and are a great hospitality dining chair with a difference. These chairs could easily have been higher in the list, but with competition so fierce, they stay in #5 in the popularity list.

Of course, there are plenty of chair options that we haven’t even mentioned, and that don’t make the top 5. That is not to say, however, they don’t have their own merits, as different events and venues call for different chair types.

However, for now, we hope that this article has provided you with an insight into the world of event chair hire. You’ll find these chairs, along with lifestyle images, right here on the Spaceworks website. If you are an event planner needing event chair rental in the UK, don’t hesitate to browse our site and send us a quote request with your quantities required. Or, you can always give us a call at your convenience to chat through your specific event requirements.

Either way, one of our account managers will be delighted to assist you, and so we very much look forward to hearing from you soon.