Are ghost chairs still popular in today’s event furniture hire sector?
ghost chairs


Today's article looks at the popularity of ghost chairs in today's event hire sector.

Each year brings new trends and increased popularity of certain products. What drives these trends in the furniture rental sector is a combination of new product launches by the main players, combined with demand for new, innovative products at major events – photos of these products are, in turn, featured online and in trade press, and the overall effect of this is increased demand across the country.

A couple of years ago, this happened with ghost chairs. Ghost chairs, of whatever style, whether it was modern banquo chairs, ghost Chiavari chairs or Edwardian ghost chairs, were very much on-trend, regularly being seen across Instagram and in glossy magazines.

Ghost chairs are, of course, one of many different types of banqueting chairs available in today’s furniture hire market, and one visit to Spaceworks will demonstrate to you that there is a wealth of choice available for event planners up and down the country. From Rio chairs and Picasso chairs in different colours, through to leather dining chairs and many others, you are spoilt for choice!

Suffice to say, therefore, that ghost chairs are holding their position in the popularity stakes for now in light of ever-increasing competition from other styles. It is also interesting to note that even though trends come and go, the popularity of certain chairs such as Chiavari chairs, for instance, never ceases to wane!

Of course, it also very much depends upon your event styling, and the finish that you want to create. Is it modern or traditional? Are you going sleek, high end, or more mass market. There really is something for everyone.

So, to answer the question as to whether ghost chairs are still popular, the answer is yes, there is certainly still a place in the market for ghost chairs, and their popularity is certainly not on the decrease, but has probably remained consistent over the past few years.

If you are a large event planner looking to rent ghost chairs and other event furniture, don’t hesitate to browse our range online here at Spaceworks and choose the range of items that is going to work best at YOUR event. Ultimately, each event is different and so what works well for one, may not work well for another. And, rest assured that whatever your requirements, our team is here to discuss your specific needs, to help ensure that your event is the great success you want it to be!