REVEALED! The top 5 dining tables for the UK live events industry
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Read more about the top 5 dining tables for the UK live event sector.

Here at Spaceworks, our team regularly gets asked for advice as to what is ‘on-trend’, what works well for other clients and what we’d suggest for certain events, occasions, styling and layouts. And, let’s face it, we like nothing better than imparting our knowledge and expertise to our valued clients – we’ll always try to keep life simple and easy!

To this end, we thought we’d put forward the top 5 dining tables for the UK live events industry, which might hopefully be a good point of reference for you when the time comes.

First things first, it’s worth remembering that the ‘UK live events industry’ is all-encompassing – in other words, it doesn’t just mean sports hospitality events, it also means weddings, conferences, backstage, gala dinners, balls and corporate hospitality events, for instance.

So, let’s have a look, based on our experience…

Round banqueting tables

Without doubt, the most popular of all dining tables for events is the round banqueting table. We’re pretty confident that every furniture hire company in the land will offer the round dining table as part of its range. This is a wooden topped circular table, generally ranging in size from 3ft to 7ft in diameter. Naturally, the larger the table, the more guests you can seat around it. Think of a gala dinner, society ball, awards ceremony or other similar event, and you get an idea of where round tables come into their own. Do note that when you are using these tables, you will need tablecloths to put on them, as the wooden tops aren’t attractive enough to use without.

Rio dining tables

Second in our list is the Rio dining table. It has a melamine top and, therefore, there is no need for a tablecloth and so straight away you can enjoy a more modern and contemporary look and feel. The Rio dining table is often found behind the scenes at large sporting events, for instance, in the players lounges and dining areas, for example. Combined with the matching Rio chairs, you have a great look for any smart occasion.

Montreal dining tables

Third in our list of popular dining tables is the Montreal oak dining table. This has black legs and a dark oak tabletop, available in a number of different sizes and shapes, including round, rectangular and square. Why not combine this with dark oak cross back chairs for the very best look at your event, maybe in a temporary restaurant or VIP dining area.

Conical table

We’ve already mentioned the fact that using melamine tables rather than more traditional round dining tables with tablecloths provides a more modern look and finish, and the conical table is another example of this. The round tabletop screws into the cone-shaped base, meaning that there’s no problem with under-table legroom! Again, combine this table with modern chair designs such as the Rio chair or Alaska chair, for instance, and you have a winning formula!

Scaffold dining table

And this list of the top 5 dining tables for events would not be complete without mentioning the scaffold dining table. Trends come and go over time, and a couple of years ago, event styling was all about industrial and base metal furniture. The scaffold dining table – along with scaffold coffee tables and scaffold poseur tables – are a great example of a furniture trend that has, and will, last the test of time. Made from reclaimed scaffolding poles and treated, varnished timber, you can create a stunning look with a difference, especially when combined with modern-looking Tolix chairs, as an example.

So, there’s the list of our top 5 event dining tables, from which hopefully you’ll take some inspiration. And, when that time comes, don’t hesitate to browse our range of event tables for hire here at Spaceworks. Drop us a quote request or give one of our team a call – we will be delighted to discuss your specific event requirements in more detail.