Dining Tables

Our range of dining tables for event hospitality is unrivalled in the UK market, bringing you the complete selection of shapes, sizes and finishes. Depending upon your event size and styling, simply choose the dining tables that work best for your event spaces, and let us know your requirements.

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From standard round banqueting tables and trestle tables, and vintage rustic dining tables through to modern and contemporary dining tables, the range here at Spaceworks is unrivalled.

Dining table hire for major events

There is no doubt that dining is a huge part of any hospitality occasion, with national and international events requiring large numbers of matching dining tables to cater for their VIP hospitality lounges and other stylish areas around their venue.

For major contractors such as Spaceworks, it is important, therefore, to offer not only a wide range of dining table styles but also to offer all these in large quantities for major events. Matching dining tables are a must, often being called for in their hundreds, and so it is vital that our stock holding has the capability to be able to service multiple events at the same time.

Quality is key

Of course, many tables for events can be covered by tablecloths, though there is certainly a trend in today’s market to use more contemporary non-cloth table designs. With this in mind, quality is certainly key! Creating that first impression is all-important, and it is the combination of all elements of your event coming together that determine the overall success and impact of your event. OK, so dining tables are just a small part, but require consideration nonetheless.

If you need to hire dining tables for major events in the UK, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team here at Spaceworks. One of our dedicated account managers will be delighted to chat through your specific event requirements in more detail – we very much look forward to hearing from you soon.