When it comes to tables for temporary events, then our range here at Spaceworks will most certainly deliver in terms of style and quantity for any occasion.  Choose from the most comprehensive range of event dining tables for hospitality events such as VIP & sponsors hospitality lounges at major sports events, for instance, or go more informal with our range of bistro tables and high tables, perfect for players’ lounges and more.  And finally, you can furnish your lounge areas with our range of coffee tables, available in a huge range of styles, colours and finishes, to suit all occasions.

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Think of any type of event, and the chances are that tables will be part of the furniture hire requirements list.  It might be a hospitality banqueting event behind the scenes at a major sporting occasion, or you might simply be looking to furnishing a bar area at a corporate event with poseur tables and high tables, and perhaps even some coffee tables for your break-out lounge areas.  Whatever you need, the team here at Spaceworks most definitely have it covered.

Banqueting table hire for any occasion

Banqueting areas and suites are an integral part of any high profile event, offering clients, sponsors, dignitaries and VIPs the opportunity to network and socialise, whilst enjoying all the action.  You may already have seen our range of banqueting chairs here online, so why not also check out our range of tables to accompany them – after all, you’ll be needing tables and chairs together!  For dining areas at your event, without doubt one of the leading table products is the round banqueting table, which is available in a wide range of different sizes.

The size and quantity of these tables you will need will depend upon the available space you have, the number of guests you are expecting, and the configuration you want with regard to your seating plan.  Round dining tables are available from 3ft diameter all the way up to 7ft diameter and, of course, the larger the table, the more guests can be seated around them.  The standard choice for these types of tables is the 5ft 6in or 6ft version, both of which are hugely popular throughout the year with all different types of professional event organisers.

And let’s not forget, of course, their rectangular counterpart, one of the workhorses of the events industry, the trestle table.  Again, these tables have wooden tops with metal folding legs, and are available in a range of different sizes.  The popularity of trestle tables cannot be underestimated!

Of course, the modern events world in which we live dictates that furniture hire companies need to provide additional tables in their range, as well as the traditional round banqueting tables and trestle tables.  That’s why, here at Spaceworks, you’ll also find a range of modern dining tables from which you can choose, enabling you to style your dining event how you want it.  After all, it’s the combination of all the elements of your event coming together, which will help you create that all-important first impression for your guests and clients.

A wealth of choice of bistro & high tables

Of course, there is also a whole world of events that take place that don’t go down the formal dining route, and these events are also catered for with our range of tables.  It might be that you need to furnish the players’ lounge dining area behind the scenes at a large golf or tennis event, for example.

Due to the fast nature of the catering service in these areas, rather than formal dining furniture, it’s more likely that bistro tables and chairs or high tables and stools will be the order of the day.  Both of these table types provide ample room for casual dining and are great space-saving items, especially for high volume traffic areas.  Choose from our wealth of options here at Spaceworks, and choose from different styles, tabletop shapes and colours, to ensure that the furniture you choose is in-keeping with your overall event styling.

Poseur tables & stools for events

Poseur tables are another great option, not so much for dining areas, but for bar areas and more relaxing areas within your event.  Let’s face it, most events include a bar area, and as well as getting the choice of actual bar right, you will also need to furnish the bar area to a high standard.  Poseur tables are elbow-height tables, enabling guests to be seated at them on stools, or simply standing alongside them and placing their drinks on the tables. In terms of space-saving furniture, nothing beats poseur tables and stools, and these are available in large quantities here at Spaceworks, offering you the complete range of choice in different style, shape and colour options.

Hire coffee tables for lounge areas at your event

And finally, let’s not forget coffee tables, which are an important consideration for when you are defining your lounge areas. We have many different style and colour options when it comes to event coffee tables, the vast majority of which will accompany any of our lounge furniture range such as sofas, armchairs and cube stools. For VIP hospitality lounges and backstage dressing rooms, for instance, there is always a requirement for coffee tables, so make sure these make an appearance on your event furniture hire list.

Overall, here at Spaceworks, our range of coffee tables and event furniture as a whole is the most comprehensive in the UK market, and we’re sure that whatever your event, our team will be able to assist you, so get in contact today!