Should I hire luxury furniture for my temporary event?
luxury furniture


Check out today's article about the use of luxury furniture hire at major events.

When you think of event furniture, you might think of large quantities of matching furniture such as tables and chairs for VIP banqueting chalets, sponsor lounges and other key hospitality areas of your event.

However, whilst this is certainly true in the majority of cases, it’s not always exclusively so. After all, there are plenty of areas within some of the most iconic sporting venues around the UK where hospitality in large numbers is not the order of the day, but more so ‘exclusive’ and ‘members-only’ areas.

These types of exclusive areas require smaller volumes of higher quality items, often which are custom-made, specific to that event or, quite simply, luxury furniture hire items.

An example of this is our Hampstead fabric lounge chair (pictured), used in the reception area to one of the exclusive dining zones at Aintree. Offering a fine dining experience on a reservation-only basis, this area was designed for intimate dining, whilst only being yards away from the horse-racing action.

Major event planners ensure that there is something for everyone at these prestigious events and, as a result, there needs to be furniture of all types available, to furnish these different spaces.

If you are looking for a supplier of temporary furniture for big events, don’t hesitate to browse our range online at Spaceworks and drop us a quote request. One of our team will be delighted to talk through your specific event requirements – we very much look forward to hearing from you soon.