Solar Powered Generators

One of the additional services that we offer here at Spaceworks is to offer solar powered generators for hire.  We’ve all been to big event sites where generators have been running behind the scenes, often noisy and intrusive.  Up until now, there really hasn’t been any alternative to this, but now you can check out our range of solar power generators as an option for your event site, production offices and more!

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Battery generators are relatively new to the event sector, and there’s no doubt that demand will continue to boom, with major events under ever-increasing pressure to be sustainable and to ‘do the right thing’.  Every big event now has a roadmap to a green future which might include everything from temporary power solutions through to reusable cups and composting waste food.  Solar powered generators, therefore, are just one element of this.

Solar powered generator hire for big events

Solar generator rental is available in a variety of different sizes and capacities here at Spaceworks, and the key is for us to have a conversation with you to ascertain what your power requirements are.  If it’s a simple portakabin production office for which you need power for the kettle, fridge, laptops and phone chargers, then this is going to be a much different requirement than a bar operator, for instance.

Our solar generators have 5G connectivity, enabling us to monitor the usage and the remaining battery cell capability at any given time.  The battery generators, in between hires, are charged from solar panels on the roof of our HQ, and so arrive with you fully charged.  And, when on site, we also provide you with a set of portable solar panels which will top up the battery during your event.

So, if you are interested in hiring solar powered battery generators from us, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and let us know your requirements, and one of our expert team will be able to guide you through the range.  We very much look forward to hearing from you soon.